About Waiheke Holiday

Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island is considered the jewel of the Hauraki Gulf and has received accolades from the likes of Conde Nast Traveller and Lonely Planet.  There is however a lot more to Waiheke Island and Waiheke Holidays broad leaf forest is one of those things.

Waiheke Holiday

Waiheke Holiday offers unique holiday accommodation  and is owned and managed by Charles and Nicola Graves. Our accommodation offers two distinctly different experiences set within a 2200 square metre piece of original broad leaf forest. We have lived on Waiheke Island since 2005 although not long enough to be considered local.


In 2012 we bought the 2200 square metre vacant section, near our home. The  section was large by Waiheke standards and was covered in mature broad leaf forest and had glow-worms. We initially planned to turn the existing shed into a chicken coup.

Cabin A

In 2012 we built Cabin A, (a play on cabernet)  Cabin A is a lovingly crafted bespoke cabin that looks like it should have featured on George Clarkes amazing spaces.  It has everything one needs for a holiday all jammed into 10 square metres. The cabin was initially solar powered and had a composting toilet.

The Chalet

Following the success and popularity of Cabin A we went searching for something else to build that would sit nicely in the bush yet be a space with its own charm. We settled on a kitset from Dennis Webster and Murray Kenyon who trade as Shantysea Chalets. We then went about pimping it.

Every effort has been made to retain as much of the native forest as possible as this kind of forest is rare, even on Waiheke Island.  Since 2010 we have carried out an extensive pest management program with a combination of bait and more recently the Goodnature A24 traps. We now have a much improved birdsong and the forest floor is recovering rapidly.

We trust you will enjoy your stay at Waiheke Holiday on Waiheke Island.