Eco Values

At Waiheke Holiday we are committed to minimising the impact on our forest particularly and the environment in general. We have incorporated as many eco initiatives in the design as practicable.

Eco Initiatives

  • Running a Nissan LEAF Electric Vehicle
  • 1.9KW of grid tied solar panels. (so far having produce 500KWh 🙂
  • Powerless septic tank system.
  • LED Lighting.
  • Double Glazing
  • Recycling
  • Buy our power from Ecotricity,
  • Pest control measures to support the recovery of the forest and the native wildlife.

But it doesn’t end there. We are planning on extending the development with two more units on an adjacent property, This provides us opportunity for more eco iniiatives.

  • Wastewater heat recyclers on all units to cut gas bill by as much as 33% from a New Zealand company called Heatback.
  • A further 1.9KW of solar panels.
  • Free electric vehicle charging points for guests.
  • Onsite composting.

Nissan LEAF

We must thank Carl and Lisa Barlev from Blue Cars for inspiring us to buy an Electric Car

Blue Cars
Blue Cars Nissan Leaf

The NIssan LEAF is an excellent car for Waiheke Island. Hardly surprising there are now 10 Nisaan LEAF here making us the EV capital of the world with 1 car every 840 people.

Nissan LEAF Waiheke
Waiheke Holiday Nissan LEAF

Solar Power

The original cabin Cabin A was solar powered, so it seemed that not having some solar power would be a backward step. With the help of Gary Brown we installed a 1.9 KW grid tied array on the roof of the Eco Bach

Solar Panels


Ecotricity is the countries only certified carbon zero power company that only purchases power from 100% renewable sources. They also have variable rates throughout the day so you can choose when to run things like your electric car charger. And they buy back your excess PV energy.